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Accipiens Overview

Accipiens Overview

Accipiens is a financial software that covers the complete lifecycle of leasing, credit and factoring.

It is a globally implemented contract management system that helps you standardize processes globally, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Our software provides a complete management solution from the point-of-sale through acquisition, risk assessment, and contract management until the end of the contract, including receivables, payables, and accounting.

Accipiens is used at a broad range of renowned financial institutions all over the world.

Tailored to meet specific needs


  • Equipment
  • Real Estate
  • Renting
  • Operational
  • Long Term Rental


  • Consumer Finance
  • Auto Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Netting Accounts
  • Mutual
  • Wholesale
  • Credit Cards


  • Factoring
  • Reverse Factoring
  • International

Main Benefits

  • Fully automated processes: operational efficiency
  • Tailored workflows: management by exception
  • Totally configurable solution: fast response to market changes
  • Industry standards implementation: easy integration
  • Powerful credit analysis features: minimize risk

Accipiens Business Lifecycle

Single integrated view of the customer

Accipiens Lifecycle


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