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VTXRM is a worldwide leader in providing software and expert consultancy for the finance sector, helping customers to optimize operational and business processes

VTXRM covers digital contract processing for financial and renting companies, and is already being used by Volkswagen Financial Services in several countries after having been firstly implemented in Portugal.


Increase customers’ businesses and be recognized as a company of excellence in providing solutions for the marketplace, through the establishment of strong and lasting partnerships with customers and technological partners, by always focusing on permanent satisfaction.

To achieve these goals, VTXRM intends to:

  • Incorporate the best know-how and expertise in the market
  • Create simple, effective and efficient processes
  • Have a clear definition of products and services to be implemented
  • Promote permanent growth of its main asset – the employees


VTXRM intends to be a leader in providing added-value technological solutions to complete and optimize clients’ business processes.

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