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Frontend Web Developer – LISBON

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    Digital Team

    This is our brand new team for frontend new trends. If you’re looking for a kind of “startup team” and have new web frontend tech running in your veins, then… you can’t blow this opportunity! UI / UX skills are a plus and a pleasure!

    What We Value & What You Will Develop

    • Knowledge in Angular and TypeScript;
    • Experience in JavaScript/ECMAScript, JQuery, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3;
    • Experience in Responsive Web Design with a Bootstrap / Angular Material;
    • Interested and the ability for UI / UX
    • Programing in XML, JSON
    • RESTful APIs;
    • Strong understanding of version control principles
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Application, including Source Control/Git and TFS
    • Knowledge of TDD frameworks – Optional
    • js – Optional
    • Programming in C # and entity framework for possible Server Side development – Optional
    • Knowledge of other Frontend frameworks: as React, Ember, VueJS – Optional
    • Photoshop knowledge – Optional
    • Knowledge of Database, preferably SQL Server – Optional

    Qualifications &  Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering;
    • Ability to collaborate/teamwork
    • At least 1 year of experience in the technologies listed above

    If you fit the profile, please submit your CV.

    For further details, please contact us at careers@vtxrm.com.


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