About Us


Leadership is a (continuous) learning process.

Being able to lead becomes a permanent form of thinking and definitely a way of life, in which we put values into practice as a way to reach the proposed targets.

Our daily experience makes us aware that the values we achieved only become effective and real when they, in practice, win the recognition of our customers.

One Solution. Many reasons for you to choose us.


Our mission
To boost our customers’ business by developing strong and reliable partnerships, founded on permanent satisfactory implementation of solutions and accurateness of provided services.

Our vision
VTXRM’s work is based on innovation, technical capacity, flexibility and diversification of all the initiatives.

Our target
Help our customers become leaders, providing them with solutions and services of excellence.

VTXRM’s Team

In order to reach their targets, our team

  • Incorporates the best market know-how and expertise, as our staffing employs the best experts, chosen among people who are able to adapt and enjoy challenges.
  • Designs processes that are simple, effective and efficient;
  • Adopts and implements a clear definition of products and services;
  • Promotes a permanent evolution of their solutions, as well as of the whole human component, bearing in mind that VTXRM’s quality is indeed the quality of the people it employs. Being a small-scale organization, everyone feels VTXRM as something very close, as a project that belongs to those who are part of it.

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    Jorge GomesActivo Criativo Designer

    Jorge GomesActivo Criativo Designer

    Jorge GomesActivo Criativo Designer